Why USA is still the top choice for international students

Why study in USA

Why USA is still the top choice for international students

Why study in USA ?? is the main question among many international students due to the anti-immigration sentiment in the USA for the last couple of years. So they have started exploring Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia as the other options to pursue a Master’s Degree. Is this the right decision? One of the reasons, students are leaning towards other countries is because of the tougher student visa (F-1) policies. The rejection rate of student visas in the USA has increased over the past two years. Students are also worried that, because of the tighter visa regulations in general, they might not get an opportunity to work in the USA after graduation.

Yes, these are valid concerns. But keep in mind that the USA is still the number one nation in the world in terms of job prospects and education quality. It will stay in the number one spot for the foreseeable future. If you want to get a well-paid job, USA is still the best country to go for. Visa rules might be less stringent in Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, and other countries. But the quality of education and the number of available jobs are very few if a student chooses to work in these countries after graduation. Many international students who pursue graduate studies in these countries ended up going back to their home countries without an opportunity to work in their field of study. Yes, you will get a visa and you will get to study in these countries for couple years; but if your goal is to work after your education, the prospects of work opportunities are very less compared to the USA. Consequently, many students who pursue graduate studies in these countries end up where they began and with hefty educational loans to repay after returning to their home countries. This is never a case with the USA. The job prospects in the USA are so high and you might have never heard of a student who successfully completed a master’s degree (esp. in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field) and returned to their home country without an opportunity to work in their field of study! Many citizens from Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, in fact, prefer to move to the USA for better job prospects.

We recommend students to keep the USA as the first option and think of other countries only as a back-up option. For USA, all they got to invest in the application fee and visa fee. Get admission in an established accredited college and go for visa stamping.  Skoolville.com can help international students get admissions at universities with good ranking including state universities. We also assist you through the visa process by conducting mock interviews. These mock interviews are conducted by students who got visas and professionals who have been living in USA for years. Admission from a great university and good preparation with the visa interview process will greatly increase one’s chances of getting the F1 visa. In an unfortunate event of visa rejection, students can always go for the back-up option.

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