General questions
Skoolville.com is a one stop website to apply to multiple univeristies with just few clicks. You can apply to multiple universities through skoolville.com and you don't need to go to individual university websites to apply again.
Skoolville.com sends applications from skoolville.com directly to univeristy admissions committee. It won't make any difference whether you apply through univeristy website or skoolville.com.
Skoolville.com makes it easy for students to apply to multiple universities. We also make sure you meet the minimum required qualifications before you can apply to any university. Students save time and application fee when applying through us. We also run promotions and students get credit upto $250.00 when applied through skoolville.com.
Skoolville.com is 100% free for students. We only collect international application fee which we pass on to universities. Universities charge the same fee if you apply through their website.
We collect fee from universities for enrolling students through our partnership agreements.
You can expect a response from school in 2-3 weeks after submitting the application.
No. It will take same time to get your I-20 whether you apply through univeristy website or via skoolville.com.
Credit Card Questions
No. Your application is sent immediately to the school once the application is submitted. We can not issue any refunds. All payments are final.
F1 Visa and Stamping Questions
You will need I-20 from the school, Transcripts , Financial Statements from your bank covering the tuition & expenses .
Skoolville.com customer support team will assist students in sending applications, in stamping process after receiving I-20 and also answer any questions they have in regards to travel to USA.